Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brody's Nursery

The Nursery!!! So I am kinda doing this blog post before writing about having Brody, I need to write it down somewhere.. but in the meantime I am FINALLY done his nursery! It has been so fun to do. I was pretty stumped with having a boy, all my thoughts included pink, ruffles and sparkle, all of which my husband would put the kibosh on ASAP. So I was on etsy and saw some fabric that I fell in love with. I had his bedding made and kinda went from there!

One mistake I made was I got a bedskirt made, which was adorable, but the style of crib I went with was totally lost. So, I am lucky that I have world's most talented Mom, she took apart the skirt ( with lots of help from Hales) and reconstructed it into curtains and a cushion for my rocking chair, it looks way better!

I picked up this super plush rug for his room. The floor just looked way too bland and beige before, and now he has a super comfy place to play in his room too!

I really wanted a rocking chair in the nursery, but didnt want to pay $700 for ones that I actually liked. I found this one on kijiji and thought it was super cute and for $20 I plan on getting a lot of use out of it! I loved the curly ques on the back. I debated painting it, but I like it natural, kinda gives it more of a vintage vibe. You can see the curtains my mom re-purposed. I bought just plain panel curtains from Home Sense ( my second home) and she added some fabric to them to tie them to the rest of the room.

I LOVE the crib I ended up getting. I ordered it from which also ships to Canada.. yeah!!

I refinished this dresser, which has worked perfect for Brod's change table:) It even came with that hardware..score another one for kijiji!

I found this frame at Pier One but it was just plain white with little clothes pins, so I just painted it out the same blue as in the rest of the room, and now I have somewhere to change out pictures as our little guy grows! My mom sprayed that airplane ( also from Home Sense) which I think is adorable. I had these baskets for storage, but they were kinda missing something. But thanks to Anthro handles, they are now way cuter and functional.

My sister Cassie gave me world's cutest sweater, and I was kinda sad I would only see it a couple of times. Then I thought, why not display it in the room. I think it works perfect! The chest mom my refinished ( I know, she is seriously super woman) my great grandpa had made it, so I really love having that in the room. It was so much fun decorating his nursery:)


Janelle Locking

sooo cute abby!


I LOVE IT!! You did such a great job Abby. That airplane is to die for.

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